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Nur Intan Murtadza

Nur Intan Murtadza

Behn Strople Behn Strople John Wiebe John Wiebe

Gamelan Instructor

String Instructor/

Orchestral Conductor

String Instructor/

Orchestral Conductor

Program Director

and Developer

Program Coordinator

and Developer

Choral Conductor/

Vocal Coach

Choral Conductor

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def: "one who possesses the desire to provide, promote and produce universal access to music, art and culture: a risk taker: a leader: a joyful soul."


El Sistema Aeolian is seeking highly qualified applicants to instruct in our Winds/brass division. See the attached job description for more information.



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"Giving Music to Everyone"


"A global community"


"Giving music to everyone"


"A World filled with Music"

We see a world in which all children and youth experience the joy and inspiration of music.

El Sistema Aeolian is part of a global phenomena currently offered in 55 countries. It is a TED and UNESCO award-winning innovatice, intensive social and musical program.

We provide an opportunity for children, youth and their communities to experience a free, intensive, innovative and accessible afterschool music program.

The Aeolian



El Sistema Aeollian is a program run by The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association at Aeolian at The Aeolian Performing Arts Centre, London Ontario.

El Sistema Aeolian is a program designed to fill the gap between those getting access and those who are not getting access to a high quality music education program. Important facts:

– El Sistema is a completely free program

– Attendance is mandatory

– Instruments are loaned free of charge

– Participation in the program is not a right, but a privilege

– Our program is run by paid staff and volunteers

Coaches Coaches

Help our children learn in a unique learning and teaching incubator!

Home of the "Rebelhearts", the Aeolian community are people who believe in promoting, providing and

producing universal access to music, art and culture. As risktakers, leaders and joyful souls we want to influence the continual improvement of the quality of life for everyone!

Room Monitors Room Monitors

Help nurture our children by being stong roll models.

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Sifton Foundation

Patrick Hodgins Family Foundation

University of Western Ontario

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